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It’s October again, and every year our hygienists here at Greatest Smiles on Earth join the American Dental Hygiene Association in celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month. October isn’t just a time for caramel apples and candy. It’s also National Orthodontic Health Month!  When kids and parents think of October, they think of Halloween, bags full of candy, jack o’ lanterns, and pumpkin spice lattes!  When we think of October, we think of a time to focus on and celebrate great oral care and the work that goes into creating amazing, healthy smiles.

More than 1.2 million adults and 3 million kids and teens wear braces at any given time.  That’s a lot of orthodontic treatment and a great reason to acknowledge the role orthodontic health plays in our lives. Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for straight teeth. The true purpose of braces is to gain a healthy bite: straight teeth that meet the opposing jaw properly, enabling you to eat, speak and chew properly. Having correctly aligned teeth results in a happier, healthier mouth The beautiful new smile is a bonus!

When to get braces is a personal decision for every family. However, at Greatest Smiles on Earth, we like to say that the best time to start is NOW! Now is the best time to begin. Call us today for your free orthodontic assessment and we can tell you how to gear up for fall and winter with sports- and brace-friendly mouth guards for the new season’s sports! We would love to have you join the Greatest Smiles on Earth Family, where your child is our priority! Call us today to schedule an appointment today.

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As a pediatric specialist with formal postgraduate training in children’s dentistry, we offer complete dental services exclusively for children, including orthodontics. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care for your child in a comfortable and caring environment.


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