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Did you know that children who miss their dental appointments could suffer academic consequences?  According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, “Children with poorer oral health status were more likely to experience dental pain, miss school, and perform poorly in school.” That sounds dramatic and rather intuitive, but we know your top priority is to ensure the health and well-being of your child.

As the school year ramps up, it’s time to make sure you get your checkups in! Some schools require students show proof of a dental checkup and medical physical exam prior to starting school. This is especially true when children are entering the 1st grade, freshman year of high school, or going to college for the first time. Schools want to make sure their students are healthy prior to beginning a new stage in their academic career.

While accidents and emergencies can’t be predicted, starting the academic year off right is very achievable. Regular check-ups are key to making sure your kids’ oral health stays healthy as your children grow up. Ensure a winning smile for those graduation photos. Call The Greatest Smiles on Earth today for a free orthodontic assessment, a check-up, and we can tell you how to gear up for fall with sports- and brace-friendly mouth guards for the new season’s sports! Start the school year right!

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As a pediatric specialist with formal postgraduate training in children’s dentistry, we offer complete dental services exclusively for children, including orthodontics. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care for your child in a comfortable and caring environment.


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