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There is so much about any given November that is a treat. The end of trick or treating, for one, the changing of the leaves, temperature in flux, the time on the wall changing for most of us… November rings in the winter season and all its trappings. Lights. Snow. Sweaters. Warm drinks. Mountains of gorgeous food. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in those particular wrappings and forget a little daily basis for which we should all be thankful.

Greatest Smiles on Earth joins the American Dental Hygiene Association in celebrating Thanksgiving like many other people. We also celebrate daily brushing. Daily flossing. Regular checkups. A staff that is here for you unfailingly with a smile of their own. It’s the little daily things we can’t afford to take for granted.

Should you neglect a few of these daily things? You can find trouble in the water pretty quickly. Cavities, bad breath, or underlying conditions get worse. So eat that turkey, that cheese plate, that pumpkin pie and the myriad other healthy food choices you can make this November, but don’t neglect the little things. Be thankful for teeth and brush them twice a day for two minutes. Be grateful for your friends and family and call Greatest Smiles on Earth today and schedule an appointment. Let us give thanks together for your smile, for your family; we certainly give thanks for trusting us with your dental and orthodontic care this season and every season.

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As a pediatric specialist with formal postgraduate training in children’s dentistry, we offer complete dental services exclusively for children, including orthodontics. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care for your child in a comfortable and caring environment.


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