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Top-Rated Worthington, OH Pediatric Dentist Dr. Tom Becher Offers Affordable Dental Fillings For Kids

The Greatest Smiles on Earth Pediatric Dentist Worthington OH


The Greatest Smile on Earth seals cavities with affordable dental fillings for kids in Worthington, OH. Dr. Thomas Becher and his team fight tooth decay one cavity at a time by providing high-quality pediatric dentistry using the latest techniques and materials.

Dental fillings are a form of tooth restoration aimed at preventing further decay. By treating the damage early on, it’s usually possible to save the structure and restore the mouth to a healthy state.

Types of Fillings Available

Dentists have traditionally used porcelain, gold, silver, and composite materials for fillings. These materials are non-reactive and durable, but newly developed modern equivalents may be even better.

Dr. Becher utilizes a combination of plastic and ceramic material to provide a durable filling solution that matches the color of the child’s teeth. The material blends seamlessly with the tooth and is more durable than porcelain.

At The Greatest Smiles on Earth, Dr. Becher carefully assesses the situation before recommending a solution. He will discuss a patient’s options in terms of budget, durability, and performance.

The dentist prefers using this high-quality composite or porcelain instead of silver. He will recommend what he believes best based on:

  • How advanced the decay has become
  • The location of the tooth that needs repair
  • How important the tooth is for natural functions like talking or chewing
  • How many treatments or follow-up visits it will take to get the desired result
The Greatest Smiles on Earth Dental X-Ray

Preventative Care is the Top Priority

The Greatest Smile on Earth further offers a sealant procedure to prevent further infections. This simple treatment protects the surface of the teeth from bacteria that build-up due to plaque. Children cannot brush and floss as effectively as adults, so this treatment is a valuable preventative measure.

Also, Dr. Tom Becher recommends fluoride treatments to help develop healthy tooth enamel. Along with the proper dental hygiene habits that children learn at the practice, they have all the tools for a bright smile in the future.

The dentist and staff at the practice are happy to explain the importance of good dental hygiene to the little ones. They will also demonstrate how to brush and floss every morning and evening.

Will Fluoride Treatments Prevent Cavities?

Fluoride treatments strengthen the tooth’s enamel and make it better able to resist the bacteria in plaque. Coupled with good dental hygiene and a sealant treatment, this gives the child the best chance of warding off cavities.

The in-office treatment delivers a targeted dose of fluoride to the teeth. The dentist will advise following up with oral-care products containing the mineral to top up the child’s levels throughout the year.

The Greatest Smiles on Earth

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To find out more about The Greatest Smiles on Earth or to further discuss dental fillings with Dr. Tom Becher, please contact the top-rated pediatric dental clinic at (614) 665-5059. You can find Dr. Becher’s pediatric dental office at 55 Caren Ave, Suite 280, Worthington, OH 43085. The practice is accepting new patients.

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As a pediatric specialist with formal postgraduate training in children’s dentistry, we offer complete dental services exclusively for children, including orthodontics. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care for your child in a comfortable and caring environment.


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