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Welcome to The Greatest Smiles on Earth, where we believe that every child deserves a chance at having healthy teeth. To fulfill that hope, Dr. Thomas Becher and our expert team of pediatric dental professionals strive to offer the highest quality of care and kindness for your children’s teeth. Through a wide variety of services, we can protect and restore any smile.

Our office is located on Caren Avenue, just off N. High St., behind the row of banks. Stop on by to schedule an appointment and be prepared to receive the warmest care you have ever experienced. We are standing by to support our community and can’t wait to treat your children’s teeth!

Dental Services for Dublin, Ohio

As the leading Dublin pediatric dental office, we can offer a wide range of services to meet your child’s dental needs. Whether they need a simple check-up or require intensive preventive procedures, Dr. Tom and our trained team of hygienists are ready to help. Our services include:

  • Dental Emergencies – Having accidents is part of childhood but, when it comes to your children’s teeth, you don’t want to mess around. If your child chips, cracks, or knocks a tooth out, we are ready to provide immediate emergency care. Just fill us in on what happened and we will fix the problem.
  • Orthodontics – Losing baby teeth is an exciting time for any child but it can quickly lead to a crooked smile of adult teeth. Dr. Tom can realign your children’s teeth using a range of orthodontic procedures, such as braces. Within just a few years, your child or teen will have a beautiful, healthy smile.
  • Teeth Whitening – If your child fought tooth and nail to not brush their teeth as an infant, they may have set-in stains that could last their entire lifetime. Fortunately, Dr. Tom can quickly restore their pearly whites with a simple whitening procedure.
  • Dental Fillings – Even if your child brushes their teeth twice a day, they can still develop cavities over time. Using UV technology and the most advanced materials, Dr. Tom and our team of dental experts can quickly and painlessly fill cavities before they spread into more significant problems.
  • Dentistry for Children with Special Needs – As a parent, you shouldn’t have to worry that your child with special needs with never have a beautiful smile. Here at The Greatest Smiles on Earth, our team is experienced and prepared to care for their teeth, no matter your child’s physical or mental disability.
  • Dental Sealants – Prevention is just as important as treatment. If your child struggles with frequent cavities, we can offer a series of dental sealants to shield and protect their teeth.

Why Choose The Greatest Smiles on Earth?

Dublin Pediatric DentistMaybe it’s pride but we know that Dr. Tom is the best pediatric dentist in Dublin, Ohio. With 40 years of experience, he is the best choice for your children’s teeth. Dr. Tom received his education and training from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry and then continued on to specialize in pediatric care at Mott Children’s Health Center in Michigan.

As for the rest of the team, our dental hygienists have more than a decade’s worth of combined experience working in dental offices. We are proud to provide empathy, warmth, and kindness to all patients. So, if it’s a family environment paired with decades of expertise that you’re looking for, you won’t find anywhere better than The Greatest Smiles on Earth.

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For more information or to schedule an appointment, let us know how we can help. We are available at 614-350-3799 or you can request an appointment through our official website. Our team will reach out to you as soon as possible and schedule a consultation at your availability.

Dublin, OH Pediatric Dentist

Dublin Pediatric Dentist

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As a pediatric specialist with formal postgraduate training in children’s dentistry, we offer complete dental services exclusively for children, including orthodontics. Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care for your child in a comfortable and caring environment.


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