Dr. Becher offers complete non-surgical orthodontic care for the pediatric and adolescent patient. As a pediatric dentist trained in orthodontics, he can optimize the benefits of your child’s growth and development by providing age-appropriate interceptive orthodontic therapy in conjunction with your child’s regular dental care.

Dr. Becher’s treatment philosophy emphasizes the expansion and development of the dental arch in order to maintain a normal occlusal harmony and to avoid the extraction of permanent teeth (except third molars, i.e., wisdom teeth). By intercepting developing occlusal problems early, he is able to improve eruption patterns and thereby minimize or eliminate any second phase of orthodontic therapy.

Dr. Becher maintains an intimate involvement and participation throughout the treatment of your child. He understands that while treatment begins with a comprehensive and detailed plan for each patient, every patient is uniquely individual and requires constant assessment and modification of treatment. He strongly believes that he and only he, the doctor, should personally evaluate and physically perform all appliance adjustments at each and every visit.

Although many of the large “orthodontic mills” delegate these duties to assistants, Dr. Becher believes too many of the nuances particular to your child can be overlooked when patient numbers significantly increase and “hands-on” doctor participation decreases.

Complete orthodontic records and a thorough analysis of your child’s individual needs are always performed before the initiation of any orthodontic therapy. In addition Dr. Becher performs an in depth consultation with you and the patient to provide a detailed explanation of your child’s particular orthodontic needs. For your added convenience these consultations are scheduled at the end of the work day to allow uninterrupted and sufficient time to fully answer all questions and to minimize any interference with parent work schedules.

It is Dr. Becher’s desire to establish a full understanding of the orthodontic process by both the parents and the patient before the initiation of treatment. In this manner misunderstandings can be eliminated and optimum treatment results can be achieved.

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