2 May 2019

May Flowers!

It’s very hard for us at The Greatest Smiles on Earth to stay inside and not smell the flowers. It’s definitely time for kids in Worthington to get outside and enjoy the weather. Along the…

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2 Apr 2019

Does my kid need a mouthguard?

You bet. No question. Does your child play sports of nearly any kind? Kids should wear mouthguards when playing any type of contact sport (football, hockey, boxing, etc.), non-contact sports (softball, baseball, soccer, etc.), or…

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1 Dec 2018

Keep Your Child Smiling Bright This Holiday

Year after year the holiday season jumps upon us sooner and sooner. Just as soon as we’ve washed the forks and put away the leftovers, it’s time for the rest of the winter holidays. There…

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